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    It's all very well to say that. 說起來容易。

  It is easier said than done. 說起來容易,做起來難。


  A) The woman thanks the man for his efforts.

  B) The woman thinks that everything was all right.

  C) The woman blames the man for his absence.

  D) The woman doesn't think it was the man's fault.

  M: Look, I'm sorry I didn't turn up for the match yesterday, but it wasn't really my fault, you know.

  W: It's all very well saying it wasn't your fault, but thanks to you we lost 10 to 1.

  Q: What do we learn from the conversation?

  注:thank to 由于


  A) He is not to blame.

  B) It was his fault.

  C) He will accept all responsibility.

  D) He will be more careful next time.

  W: What an accident! If you had been careful, things would not be as they are.

  M: What do you mean, it was my fault? If it were, surely I would take all responsibility for it.

  Q: What does the man mean?


  A) On the 6th of June.

  B) On the 8th of June.

  C) On the 9th of June.

  D) On the 19th of June.

  M: I'd like to make two reservations on Flight 651 for June 8th.

  W: I'm sorry, we're booked up on the 8th. But we still have a few seats available on the 9th.

  Q: When does the man want to leave?

  注:1. make reservation 預定,保留

  2. be booked up 被定光

  be filled 充滿了

  be full of 充滿了

  be taken 被占用






  1、信息來源:newspaper 報紙 : classified ad. 分類廣告, help and wanted section 供求關系版

  bulletin board公告板

  flier 傳單



  4、面試:攜帶證明 identification、證書 certificate;確定你是否有資格qualification (be qualified for some

  post; be up to 勝任);推薦信 reference letter


  A) His car was hit by another car.

  B) He was hurt while playing volleyball.

  C) He fell down the stairs.

  D) While crossing the street, he was hit by a car.

  W: Did you hear Mike is in hospital with head injuries and a broken arm?

  M: Yes, apparently he was struck by another vehicle and turned completely over.

  Q: What happened to Mike?


  A) Took a photo of him.

  B) Bought him a picture.

  C) Held a birthday party.

  D) Bought him a frame for his picture.

  M: Could you help me to decide what I should buy for my brother's birthday?

  W: Remember, you took a picture of him at his last birthday party? Why not buy him a frame so that he can fix the

  picture in it.

  Q: What did the man do last year for his brother's birthday?

  注:提醒模式 remember, first, today, now (right now)


  A) Women's rights in society.

  B) The woman's job is a librarian.

  C) An important election.

  D) Career planning.

  W: We all talk about how liberated we are, but in fact women are still not equally treated.

  M: I don't think so. You've got the vote, you've got your careers-I think you've got everything important.

  Q: What are they arguing about?

  注:liberated 自由的,被解放了的

  free 免費的(選項中反義替換 pay),有空閑時間的(選項中反義替換 busy)。

  Statue of Liberty 自由女神


  A) She totally agrees with him.

  B) She thinks it is easier said than done.

  C) She feels that what he says is simply nonsense.

  D) She thinks that he is rather impolite person.

  M: It's partly your own fault. You should never let in anyone like that unless you're expecting him.

  W: It's all very well to say that, but someone comes to the door and says "electricity" or "gas" and you automatically

  think he is OK, especially if he shows you a card.

  Q: How does the woman feel about the man's remarks?

  注:fault 過失