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      1、約人肯定約不到 make an appointment (約醫生)


  come up 突然來臨

  reschedule 重新安排時間

  fit me in 安排


  run out of coin 硬幣用光

  cut off 通話被中斷

  hang up 掛斷電話

  receiver 聽筒

  hook 掛鉤

  telephone book 電話簿

  yellow pages 電話簿

  yellow press 色情出版物

  dial the number 打電話


  look up the number in the telephone;

  pick up the receiver;

  drop the coins in the slot 投幣孔;

  dial the number you wanted.


  A) She was afraid she might be kept too late.

  B) She would have something more important to do.

  C) She had to meet a friend of hers.

  D) She was not in the mood to attend the party.

  W: Hello, Steve. This is Susan. I’m afraid I won’t be able to come to the party. I was just asked to go to a meeting.

  M: Do come after your meeting, Susan. Our party won’t be over until midnight.

  Q: Why did the woman say that she could not join in the party?

  注:be in the mood to do sth. 愿意做某事,有這種心情做某事


  A) To write a check.

  B) To find a telephone number.

  C) To ring up somebody.

  D) To check the telephone service.

  W: I’m sorry, but the number you are dialing is not in service.

  M: But that’s impossible. I just spoke to him this morning. Could you please check it for me?

  Q: What is the man trying to do?

  注:operator 接線員


  A) The woman is being interviewed by a reporter.

  B) The woman is asking for a promotion.

  C) The woman is applying for a job.

  D) The woman is being given an examination.

  M: Now, I'm going to start off by asking you a difficult question. Why would you like to get this post?

  W: Well-first of all I know that your firm has a very good reputation. Then I've heard you offer good opportunities for promotion for the right person.

  Q: What do we know from this conversation?