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    C1. Mary ___________ to school. She goes to school by bus.

  A. is never walking B. never is walking

  C. never walks D. walks never

  A2. The river ______________ to the east. It is the second longest river in the country.

  A. runs B. is running

  C. run D. ran

  A3. I'm Chinese. Where _____________ from?

  A. do you come B. will you come

  C. did you come D. are you coming

  C4. ____________ travelling?

  A. Would you like B. Won't you like

  C. Do you like D. Are you like

  B5. My mother often _____________ clothes on Sundays.

  A. wash B. washes

  C. has washed D. is washing

  C6. Mark Twain, an American writer, ___________ everybody here.

  A. knows B. is known as

  C. is known to D. is known for

  A7. When water ___________, it will be changed into vapour.

  A. is heated B. heated

  C. has heated D. heats

  B8. I hope he will come to see me before he __________ here.

  A. leave B. leaves

  C. will leave D. left

  A9. Look, here ___________ the famous player.

  A. comes B. came

  C. has come D. come

  A10. He wanted to know why an apple ____________ down and not up.

  A. falls B. fall

  C. fell D. had fallen

  D11. It was not until then that I came to know knowledge __________ only from practice.

  A. had come B. came

  C. would come D. comes

  A12. Mary ___________ him very well, they were introduced at a party two years ago.

  A. knows B. knew

  C. had known D. is knowing

  B13. According to the time table, the train for Guangzhou ________ at 8:00 a.m.

  A. win leave B. leaves

  C. is going to leave D. is leaving

  C14. We will start as soon as the mannager___________.

  A. will come B. is going to come

  C. comes D. come

  B15. The year ___________ four seasons.

  A. has been divided into B. is divided into C. has divided in D. was divided into

  B16, --"What' s your job?"

  --" I __________ for a newspaper."

  A. have worked B. work C. worked D. had worked

  A17. --" ___________French?"

  --"Only a little. But I can speak English very well. "

  A. Do you know B. Are you speaking C. Have you spoken D. Did you know

  B18. ____________ six years since I began studying English.

  A. They have been B. It is C. It was D. There are

  C19. Once they _____________ to do something, you will never hold them back.

  A. will make up their mind B. will make up their minds

  C. make up their mind D. make up their minds

  B20. I ____________ to stay here if I can.

  A. have been meaning B. mean C. am meaning D. have mean