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1.She _____ the film. She knows nothing about it.

  A. cant see

  B. cant have seen

  C. must see

  D. mustnt have seen

  2.Lets clean the classroom, _______?

  A. wont you

  B. shall we

  C. do we

  D. will not you

  3.Shall I tell John about it?

  No,you _____. I dont know his telephone number.

  A. neednt

  B. wouldnt

  C. mustnt

  D. shouldnt

  4.Up to now there have been many explanations _______ the cause of sleepwalking.

  A. in view of

  B. in line with

  C. apart from

  D. as to

  5.What you said reminds me _______ something I read a few days ago

  A. for

  B. by

  C. from

  D. of

  6.My skirt looks similar _______ yours.

  A. with

  B. to

  C. about

  D. in

  7.She took a spoonful and tasted it _______ it was hot.

  A. in case

  B. in case of

  C. in the case of

  D. in that case

  8.Dont wait for me if you _______.

  A. have a hurry

  B. are in a hurry

  C. have a speed

  D. are in a speed

  9.Its raining _______. We have to stay at home instead of going fishing.

  A. badly

  B. hardly

  C. heavily

  D. strongly

  10.______ he speaks softly is no proof that he is kind.

  A. Since

  B. As

  C. That

  D. Because



  答案解析:cant have done,表示對過去發生情況的否定推測,意為“不可能已經……”。


  答案解析:Lets do sth.表示“建議做某事”,含聽話一方在內,故用 shall we.如果用Let us do sth.結構,則用will you?表示請求對方允許。




  答案解析:句子意思為“到目前為止,關于夢游病原因有多種說法”?!骯賾凇庇?span>as to,其他in view of “考慮到,由于”;in line with“符合”; apart from“除去”,意思不符合。


  答案解析:remind sb of sth是固定搭配,意思是:提醒某人某事。




  答案解析:in case:以防。


  答案解析:in a hurry是固定短語,意思是:匆忙,趕忙。




  答案解析:that做主語從句he speaks softly的引導詞,沒有實際意義。