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1.Copernicus maintained that the earth ______ round the sun.

  A. moves

  B. moved

  C. moving

  D. move

  2.He was very ______ to go,but he had no choice.

  A. ready

  B. willing

  C. reluctant

  D. hesitant

  3.Two-thirds of his property ______ lost in the fire.

  A. was

  B. were

  C. are

  D. have been

  4.Remember, nothing hurts concentration ______ reading too slowly.

  A. rather than

  B. as well as

  C. more than

  D. instead of

  5.Many people have made a ______ to a physical fitness program so as to maintain good health.

  A. decision

  B. commitment

  C. contribution

  D. difference

  6.Scientists could see many things that most people would ______ to see.

  A. feel

  B. fail

  C. fall

  D. fill

  7.She passed the examination ______ she studied very little.

  A. in spite of

  B. despite

  C. though

  D. in that

  8.The father wished the twins to be doctors, but ______ of them liked to study medicine.

  A. both

  B. neither

  C. either

  D. none

  9.John is so strongly built that he looks as if he ______ an elephant.

  A. lifts

  B. is lifting

  C. lifted

  D. could lift

  10.The book was sold ______ 50 dollars.

  A. in the price of

  B. at the price of

  C. with the price

  D. of all the price in









  答案解析:nothingmore than是習慣用語,意思為“什么也比不上…更…”。句子意思為:記住,什么也比不上讀得太慢更傷害注意力的集中了。


  答案解析:本句是帶有不定式短語作目的狀語的簡單句。句意為“許多人都投入了身體鍛煉計劃,以保持良好的健康”。make a commitment“投入,保證”符合題意。




  答案解析:空格前后句子的意思是相反的,由此可知空格處應該用一個表示轉折的詞。in spite of是介詞短語,后面不能跟從句;despite是介詞,也不能引導從句。in that意思是“既然,因為”,不符合句意。所以只有C項正確。句意:她通過了考試,雖然她沒怎么用功。


  答案解析:句中用了but,表示轉折,所以A答案錯誤。either表示“(兩個中的)一個”,也不符合句意。neither表示兩者都不,符合句意。none是指三者以上的人或物,而句子中說的是the twins,是兩個人,所以也不正確。句意:父親希望這對雙胞胎成為醫生,但他們沒有一人喜歡學醫。


  答案解析:as if引導的是與現在事實相反的虛擬。

  10.正確答案:B答案解析:at the price of是固定搭配,意思是:以…的價錢。